Greg and Julie Bailey


As you live this season of your life do you sometimes wish you could Hear God’s Voice?
Do you have a desire to Hear God’s Voice calling you?
Do you want to find out and understand more of what God is trying to tell you or show you?

To answer these questions Ordained Apostles Prophets Greg and Julie Bailey hold Hearing God’s Voice courses and seminars that equip, teach and train, including practical activities.

You’ll be encouraged to read the scriptures bringing them to life personally for you so that you’ll know God has a plan and purpose for your life.

These events will activate you into using your prophetic gift, giving you more confidence, clarity and accuracy when hearing God’s voice. This gift can build into your life and others and especially a legacy for future generations.

Based in Brisbane Australia, they are the Senior Ministers of Eaglenet Ministries and Forever House. Ordained by Bishop Bill Hamon in 1997 and serving on the Board of Governors of Christian International Global Network qualifies them for whatever works God calls them into.

As Directors of Christian International Australia New Zealand, they oversee a growing network of churches and ministry leaders in the Australasian region. Their increasing regional influence enables them to oversee and lead other groups like true shepherds.

They are the Founders of Dominion Conference which is held annually in Australia and New Zealand.  Apostle / Prophets Greg and Julie are cutting edge leaders in their spheres of influence.

Greg and Julie’s Vision

To see the body of Christ empowered and positioned for greater influence throughout the earth.

Their Heart

To influence, activate and release the leaders of the future.

Their Passion

To empower and equip this generation into their gifts and calling to impact their world.

Their Desire

To see individuals, churches and businesses fulfill their God given destiny.

To see their vision mobilized, they are committed to providing Apostolic Prophetic ministry through conferences, seminars, training, mentoring programs and resources to equip you for a greater effectiveness in your giftings and to raise you up and release you into your calling.

Greg and Julie Bailey

How Apostles Prophets Greg and Julie Can Help You?

They get rid of the weirdness through their teaching process while equipping you to step into the realm of your divine calling.

They do not waste your time with hype and irrelevance. 

Influencing and activating generations is their forte because they make information practical and easy to understand.

They want to help build legacies for you and within you.

As a fellow Christian or as a Five Fold Minister they will release you into your Higher Purpose as part of God’s Plan. This is your legacy. 

” I feel more confident and the course has given me more confidence to trust in what I’m hearing from God. “