Its religious traditional definition is an organisation established for the purpose of preserving and propagating specific religious doctrines, tenets of faith, creeds, and practices. It establishes a structure of leadership and oversight for the people, ministers, and churches who become one with them.


From the Christian ministry perspective a “NETWORK” describes a group of ministers, churches, and other special ministries who are interrelated together to link their vision, resources, products, and people in one unified purpose. A name and organised structure is established with levels of leadership responsibility to fulfill the vision, purpose, and ministry of the Network.

Bishop Bill Hamon

Bishop Bill Hamon
Founder Christian International

God’s Purpose in raising up CI Ministries Network is to:

•Restore the office of the PROPHET; raise up God’s great company of prophets; teach, train, activate, and mature saints in their spiritual gifts and ministries (a prophetic people)
•Establish warfare praise within the Church’s
•Help restore the office and ministry of the APOSTLE;
•Incorporate the truths and practices of the next move of God into our preaching and ministry.

Christian Denominations have been both a blessing and a curse to the Church. They have been a help in preserving restored truth, but a hindrance to the restoration of future restored truth. They become preservers of old truth and persecutors of new truth.

Christian denominations vary in their structures and control of their ministers and members from the Papal system of the tightly controlled Catholic denomination to the slightly structured and loosely related Charismatic denominations and ministerial fellowships.

Mainline denominations such as Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, Assembly of God, etc. have been instrumental in restoring, propagating, establishing, and preserving a restorational truth. Down through the centuries when a might move of God happened, if a group was not formed to propagate and maintain that truth and blessing, then the movement disappeared as water poured out upon sand.

If Martin Luther and others had not written pamphlets, books, and other materials on the Protestant Movement, it would not have lasted beyond its generation, and its truths and blessings would not have been preserved and passed on to the succeeding generations in the Church.

Most present-day teaching on salvation originated from the teachings and writings of the Protestant Reformers of the 16th century. The Historic Protestant churches that were established during the reformation have made sure that the writings of the forefathers of their faith have been kept in print. If no denomination had been formed from these men and their restorational truths, then there would have been no historical record or proof of what had been experienced, taught, or practiced. This is true for each restorational move of the Holy Spirit that resulted in Evangelical and Pentecostal denominations being formed.


Within 20 to 50 years after a truth has been restored, the organisations that were formed to contain and propagate the truth have established bylaws and doctrines concerning what they believe and do not believe.

As a whole, they rarely ever embrace the new truth, ministries, and ways of worship that are brought back into the Church by the next restorational move of God.

They maintained the doctrinal purity and balance of the truth that they were instrumental in restoring, but normally lose the original power and spiritual blessings that accompanied that truth.

I believe it to be the mind and purpose of God to establish Christian International as a network organisation that is called to contain and propagate the truth of the Prophetic and Apostolic Movements.

During the next 10-20 years

CI Ministries network and the Apostolic and Prophetic Movement will be the cutting edge present-truth restorational move of God for the Church on planet earth.

I trust that the leadership of CI Ministries Network will at that time be spiritual and mature enough to incorporate the new truths and ministries that will be restored during the next move of God. No other organisation has ever made provision in their bylaws and doctrinal directives for more truth to be added, ministries to be manifested, or additional ways of worship to be incorporated into their organisation. Christian International has made that provision.

God has promised me several times through prophetic utterances from other prophets that He would not let me miss any future move of God. As long as I am alive and in control of the direction we go, CI Ministries Network will continue to be open to investigate and incorporate every new restorational truth and ministry that God shall restore back into the Church.

Let us not hold back from a complete commitment and involvement with CINC simply because of any fears of what may happen in the future. Currently, the Prophetic-Apostolic Movement is the present-truth move of God and CI plans to continue in all present-truth until Jesus comes again.

I have embraced God’s new commission of being one of His newly restored end-time Apostles. The marriage of the Prophet and the Apostle has been accomplished within the head of CINC, that its restorational realities may be a part of CINC ministers and local churches.

Jesus is looking for those who will co-labour with Him and with those He has called to be a body of committed believers. They will restore His prophets and apostles and be His great company of prophets and apostles and prophetic ministers to make ready a people and prepare the way of His second coming.

Is an organisational structure with levels of authority and oversight scriptural and spiritual?

I do not prefer, nor want, the CI Network to be called a denomination, mainly because of the connotation of restriction and control that denominationalism conveys to present-truth churches and ministers. However, the organisation and levels of authority contained within most denominations is neither unscriptural nor contrary to God’s divine order. Most Christian organisations were established by men who wanted the right and freedom to believe and practice certain things that they believed to be biblical truth and spiritual experiences.

An organised structure with one central headship directing its many members through designated control and oversight areas throughout the Body is revealed by God’s creation of a living human body as His highest order of form and function. All of heaven, the universe, and all of God’s creation and activity on earth reveal this truth.